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A Few Recent Transformations

It all started with a Question…

“If we are the best ones here… What are we doing here?”

In 2010 I began working as a personal trainer at a big box gym in Mesa, AZ. Although the experience was great, I was completely held back by what I could do to help my clients get the results they wanted in the gym.

1) I couldn’t help with nutrition and diet plans, when 99/100 of them wanted weight loss.
2) I couldn’t have them meet with me more than 2X a week because the Gym was charging upwards of $60 per 30 minute training session with me (and I was getting paid 6 of it)

And what really broke the camels back was a VP coming into the gym and saying,

” This is the best crew I have seen at any ___ Gym, WOW”

After I heard that I looked at my Ex- Business Partner and thought,

” If we are the best ones here… What are we doing here?”

2 Weeks later we opened our first Gym together.

But after 1 year, of butting heads I decided to grab my things and go out on my own in 2012, Starting Tribrid Personal Training as it used to be.

Small group coachingĀ  and after 7 years I started to see MASSIVE issues in what is currently going on in the fitness industry as we know it today.

Fitness Becomes a Punishment for What We Do..
Instead of an Expression of What Our Body Can Do

Bootcamps, CrossFits, Small Group Training is FANTASTIC.. For community and camaraderie, but not the best for weight loss.


Let’s say you do a bootcamp workout with Joe Shmoe who wants to gain muscle is in, Susie Que wants to run marathons, and you, who is trying to lose weight, how can all of that be possibly accomplished in the same workout?

(Hint.. It can’t)

PLUS on a good day you’ll burn 300 calories, which can easily be erased with a soft drink, candy bar, or even just simply overeating healthy stuff! That’s why here at Tribrid Personal Training, I don’t place a TON of emphasis on what you do, more so that you do what makes you happy, that doesn’t destroy your body making you not able to move (You won’t be left immobile with me) and that you will enjoy long term.

Follow "What Then Diets"

Keto, Atkins, Supplements, Powders, Gels Etc ALL can work.. But the issue isn’t that they do work, it is more so… for how long? When it comes to these methods like I’m sure you are well aware of already, is that the question after losing some weight with these are,” Then What do I do?”

You aren’t going to be eating a stick of butter forever right?
You aren’t going to be sucking down powders and potions forever right?

So at Tribrid Personal Training, I don’t do “What then” diets. We start with Phase 1. The Basics to teach you how to understand the basics of nutrition and fitness upon which we BUILD upon.. Not have to throw away once we reach to____ goal. Then move you to Phase 2, which is just the next level of what you need to do to grow.

Supressing Habits, Actions, Behaviors,
and Staying STUCK... Forever

Imagine this, be given the PERFECT Meal Plan.. that takes you exactly from where you are NOW to the goal weight of looking hot, feeling on fire, and having heads turn every where you go. Built for your likes and dislikes, recipes, making everything taste amazing.

Have the EXACT Fitness Program that allows you to get your workouts done on your time, from the comfort of your home or at a gym you belong to already that only takes you 20-30 minutes 3-4 times per week

But… Things don’t according to plan as far as…

Hollidays, kids, spouse, work, project, school, death in the family, car accident, self belief, worth, etc.

Guess what happens? Everything gets thrown away BECAUSE you haven’t touched on the habits, behaviors, and actions that will ultimately take over when things don’t go your way.

Here at Tribrid Personal Training why people in this program are so successful is from Day 1 we start working on these because I know that at the end of the day, this is how YOU operate.


Going into a gym doesn’t fix this.
Getting a diet plan doesn’t fix this.
Hiring an expensive Personal Trainer doesn’t fix this.
Hiring a dietician doesn’t fix this.

And that my friend, is why the results are real.