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The Tribrid Difference:

Here at Tribrid Personal Training, we make it our mission to help every single person that comes to our facility to reach their goals by almost any means necessary. We are results driven and that is it! We are so confident that we can help you reach your fitness and fat loss results that we give you 30 days to try us out, if you aren’t satisfied with the results you have gotten, then we give you your money back!

Conveniently located at 1925 S Sossaman Rd. Suite 109 (Next to the Cleaners) Mesa, AZ 85209

Centrally located in Mesa off of the 60 on Sossaman or the 202! 1925 S Sossaman Rd. Suite 109. Mesa, AZ 85209

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880Lbs lost this year so far!!
464.5Inches lost this year
and OVER1000Lbs of FAT!!!
That's as much as the heaviest Black Bear Ever Recorded!
That’s as much as the heaviest Black Bear Ever Recorded!
That's more feet than the height of an olympic high dive!
That’s more feet than the height of an olympic high dive!

About our Program

At Tribrid Personal Training, we know you are busy and we make our program fit a busy schedule by offering both morning and even session times to fit it! Each session will have a maximum of 8 other people in it for 3 real reasons.

#1 is that we can help more people reach their fitness goals, if we SOLELY trained 1 on 1, we could only help MAYBE 15 people, which is okay, BUT I would MUCH rather help hundreds reach their weight loss goals.

#2 It allows us to charge less for personal training. Which sounds good to you right? :)

#3 It helps you get better results. Whether we like it or not, everyone is a little competitive, and that extra push gives EVERYONE better results. But the best part is that NO one is a loser, well…. Everyone is a loser of FAT here at Tribrid Personal Training.

Day Time
Monday 630 730 830 330 430 5 530 6 630
Tuesday 700 800 430 530 630
Wednesday 630 730 830 330 430 5 530 6 630
Thursday 700 800 830 430 530 630
Friday 630 730 830 330 430 530
Saturday 700 730 800 830

The average American GAINS 7-15lbs during the months of November and December!

Don’t let that be you! Sign up for a consultation so we can get you fit for 2016!